The Mall provides a mix of specialty and retail shops for guests' convenience and shopping pleasure. It is designed to offer trendy options in casual wear and souvenir gift items.


Manila Ocean Park offers COMMERCIAL SPACES FOR LEASE! High traffic, affordable rates and prime location. For details, please call our Leasing Department at 567-7777 loc. 106.

Manila Ocean Park Souvenir Shop
Remember your MOP memories by bringing home souvenir items in all shapes and sizes.

Perfect Moments
Perfect Moments Handpainted Souvenirs is a concept focused on hand-painted items, tie-dye arts,embroidered sceneries and special printing effects.

Gesund offers the following health care gadgets and products: Ken Mobile Seat Cushion, Niiro Foot Massager, Anki Versatile Massager and Ezy Body Fat Scale.

Ellenlitch Enterprise
Ellenlitch Enterprise offers a wide selection of gadgets for all the technologies and other needs.

Thingking Toys
It offers anime items, toys, collectibles and novelty items for all ages.

Teresa's Pasalubong
It provides native delicacies beverages and other best-selling products at reasonable prices.

Quirky Handicraft
Quirky Handicraft was formed to allow the local people to display their talent at making reed and bamboo-based products. Example of which include baskets, trays, placemats and many others.

JCC Events
JCC Events is a One-stop Party Booth that specializes in kids parties as well as wedding and debut. Have a unique and unforgettable party with one of a kind themed decorations, entertainment and balloon set up.

Gadgets Depot
Gadgets Depot provides the best gadgets at the most affordable price.


After an enjoyable marine life tour, savor delectable dishes in our various restaurants and quick meals for guests on the go. Choose from a fusion of flavors  in any of our food establishments located around the park.



Afford-A-Bowl offers authentic Filipino meals in a cup of bowl that is ready to serve you in just a few minutes. It is a yummy selection of delicious dimsum and noodles for instant cravings that  offers its best seller meals such as kaldereta, afritada, menudo, etc. 

Buko Juan

Drink to good health with pure buko juice and refreshing buko shakes with proven health benefits for you and your family.

Buko Station

Buko Station will be offering pure buko juice and refreshing buko shakes with proven health benefits for you and your family. Drink to good health! 


Cer3fied is a fresh concept from the word "certified" and number "3" combined; which means a certified a two sulit snacks with a refreshing drink that gives our customers on easy to eat and drink wherein their one hand holds the cup with food and drink altogether, and the other is free to do other stuff while enjoying the sceneries and attractions at any place. We aim to offer customers with an efficient and innovative way to eat and drink. 


Cocco Bello Refreshment Bar offers coco shakes and  fruit smoothies with all natural ingredients. Each blended serving provides healthy and refreshing drinks with chock full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Cup Attack

Cup Attack- offers frappucinos (coffee based and cream based). Nata Pearl Coolers, Iced and Hot Beverages. These are drinks for all seasons. This refreshment stand will surely caters people from all walks of life as all prices are very affordable. They always make sure that quality is always at best to satisfy customers and aiming to become well-known through people who will patronize their products. 

Egg Station

Get all your egg-straordinary comfort snacks at the Egg Station! Order one of most loved Filipino street food - Kwek kwek - made of deep fried battered hard boiled quail egg dipped in a secret formula vinegar and sweet sour sauce. You can also try boiled and friend penoy or balut and other snacks!

Garden Café

Strategically situated at the ground level, Garden Café by Hotel H2O presents an answer to much needed daybreaks – goodcoffee, refreshing smoothies and quick bites of gourmet sandwiches. Garden-inspired, it is a quaint, relaxing nook after touring Manila Ocean Park’s attractions. A few steps away from the hotel’s function rooms, the coffeeshop serves as a perfect breather from an intense convention. Smile as Garden Cafe serve cups of your happiest moments!


Gerry's Grill

Gerry's Grill provides everyone and anyone who loves to eat with fresh food that is cooked, grilled, or prepared to satisfy the most distinguishing of palates.

It boasts of a menu packed with scrumptious food ranging from grilled seafood, Filipino and Asian favorites and tastefully prepared beermates and pica-pica.


In an industry ruled by fast food, Hen Lin has succeeded in carving a name for itself simply by creating authentic and surprisingly affordable Chinese dimsum that caters to the ever fussy Filipino taste.


KSQUARED Development Corp. has operated food stalls in different strategic locations in Manila which were named Food Box. KO CA’ Food Box and KO-PU Food Box will serve a variety of Korean Food and Drinks here in Manila Ocean Park. 

Lemon Twist

Lemon Twist has numerous health benefits and a great refreshing flavors such as lemonade, lemon ginger, lemon cucumber. When it comes to juicing, there is nothing that complements a fruit or vegetable better than a lemon. There are many health benefits of lemons such as antiviral and immune-boosing powers. Try Lemon Twist today!

Linsanitea Cafe

Linsanitea is the first and only one stop tea cafe concept in the Philippines established in 2014 by Linsani Food and Beverages. With a variety of tastes to create greater richness in a coffee with the highest quality coffee beans from Australia and a stock of large selection of teas from Taiwan. 

Makan Makan Asian Food Village

Makan Makan is more than a restaurant - it's a veritable Pan-Asian village where the culinary delights of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Japan and the Philippines abound. Savor the best of Southeast Asian cuisine at Hotel H2O's main food and beverage outlet. 

North Park

Chinoy comfort food that generations have come to know and love – that’s North Park. Among the large number of restaurants in the food industry, North Park stands out in delivering real freshly cooked food that tastes great at generous servings and reasonable prices.

Pinoy Munch

Pinoy Munch offers delectable pinoy meriendamade with finest ingredients, best coupled with delightful drinks. With variety of choices such as their best seller palabok, assorted kakanin, pinoy empanada, dinuguan at puto etc. that will surely satisfy hunger and cravings. 

Pinoys' Delights

Breakfast-served goods coming from Filipino ingredients such as Silog and Sizzling meals. Delicacy is what they serve, you have a choice of sweet or salty meals. Something unique about this eatery is that they serve tapa from pure pork ingredients. Have a flavorful bite of your favorite Filipino dishes at Pinoy's Delights.

Potato Corner

If you're tired of the greasy, plain, limp fries you find at fast food restaurants, Potato Corner best fits your side cravings. We take 100% Idaho potatoes that are cooked in a vegetable oil with absolutely no trans fat.


PotDog serves unique and high quality snack foods to kids and adults from all walks of life. Their products are a range of Eastern and Western food which are tastefully chosen and freshly cooked that come with complementing dips and sauces. These mouth-watering food snacks are sold at very reasonable and affordable prices. Their best-sellers are Pork Dumpling, Lobster Ball and Fish Ball. 


Quickly is an express take away healthy beverages concept consisting of a full menu of new delicious flavors to suit the taste preference of all age groups.

Quickly offers a wide menu of thirst-quenching drinks unlike other companies with limited product offering. Drinks are either fruit-flavored or combined with milk, shake fruit made from natural fruit puree and low fat cream, pudding and dessert drink made from soy beans with no preservatives.


Food that is served fast and yummy, Quix has a wide variety of food selections for your snack fix.

Shawarma Station

Fresh shawarma pita breadings that are merchandised from a Philippine manufacturing company. Available at a budget-friendly price.

Siomai Kid Bistro

It offers the best quality dimsum dishes and homemade cuisine at a very affordable price. Surely you will come back for more without spending too much. Siomai Kid Bistro aims to provide its customers quality food, value for money and guaranteed satisfaction.


Supersticks offers a Filipino street foods such as kwek-kwek, fried tokwa, chicken ball, kikiam,with unlimited sauce of your choice and fried siomai served with java rice at a very affordable and reasonable price.

Teresa's Pasalubong

Teresa's Pasalubong offers homemade Filipino delicacies such as broas, apas, tikoy, espasol, pilinuts, piaya, pastillas, dried mangoes, casuy nuts, assorted candies, cassava cake, peanut brittle, lengua, strawberry jam and other similar native food products.

Turks Shawarma

Turks- the combination of 100%pure beef, chicken, fresh vegetables, spices and sauce, cheddar cheese, served with rice or wrapped with warm pita bread, give the perfect blend of flavours in every bite. 

Wendy's Fresh Express

Wendy's is a quick service restaurant which guarantees total customer satisfaction by selling the highest quality, freshly prepared, made-to-order products at competitive prices, with the most efficient service provided by the friendliest people.

White Moon

Refreshing bar and restaurant that offers a wide variety of Asian cuisine and different classic and mixed cocktail servings with a blissful ocean ambiance and sunset view that catches the eye of the tourists.


Manila Ocean Park offers COMMERCIAL SPACES FOR LEASE! High traffic, affordable rates and prime location. For details, please call our Leasing Department at 567-7777 loc. 106.

Mega 4D Rider
Mega 4D Rider features 4 dimensional virtual reality rides with new technology and entertainment designed for an unforgettable experience. For inquiries, please call +63 2 353-1233.

Positive Living
Positive Living Station is the domain where the potential customers are enticed to sit on our branded vending massage chairs to rest and relax while waiting for their service. Our company is likewise devoted to service and maintain our vending massage chairs with the main objective to ensure excellent service for all customers.

Maybank ATM
Located at the Ground Level (beside Oceanarium)

Metrobank ATM
Located at the Ground Level (beside Oceanarium)

Located at the Ground Level (beside Oceanarium)

Located at the Ground Level (beside Oceanarium)

Kiddy's Arts Town
Kiddy's Arts Town is a One-stop shop providing a wide range of children arts, D.I.Y. products and other fun activities. This is highly recommended to be part of kids educational and discovering tools in their pre-school journey.

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