Trails to Antarctica

The first penguin park facility in the country. Trails to Antarctica: The Penguin Quest brings you closer to the coldest and most mysterious place on earth. Take a journey to discover a world like no other. It features a walk-through exhibit where you can learn more about the frozen continent, live Humboldt penguins in the Penguin Exhibit and a Christmas Village. All these in one exciting adventure zone for the whole family.

We are proud to announce the birth of our precious First Humboldt Baby Penguin in the Philippines last July 8, 2014. Kaya, the baby penguin achieved its first swim milestone and will join the rest of the penguin colony. Another penguin baby by the name of Araw has arrived last November 14. Through the years, our breeding program for the Penguins has been very successful. As of May 2017, we now have a total of 13 baby penguins that hatched inside Manila Ocean Park.

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